Custom Work

We custom build items for any room in your home, horse trailer or  barn.

(The Brazilian cowhide rugs in the pictures below are not for sale as they were made for other customers. We can make a rug in most any color and any size, however the minimum size we can make will be 4 x 6 ft. 

For those customers who do not want to wait to have one made, we have over 50 Brazilian and Argentine custom rugs ready for immediate sale that can be viewed by clicking here.)

Prices will start at $21.75 per square foot for Brazilian cowhides and $19.75 for Argentine cowhides. The final cost will depend on several factors: overall size, size of squares used, color and whether the cowhide is dyed or natural colored. In addition, hard to find colors like beige/gray brindle, palomino and reddish brown will cost $1.00 more per square foot. Please keep in mind that being custom made, no two rugs will look exactly alike so pictures are only for a guide.

For the uniformed, rarely will you find a Brazilian custom made rug in a retail store priced below $35-$40 a sq. ft. and prices of $50 and above are not uncommon. This is assuming one can even find a store that would custom make you a rug in the first place.

Concerning shipping, even though shipping is indicated as zero, actual shipping costs will be whatever UPS charges.